Top; Left:Water Meets Land I, Right:Water Meets Land II, 42 in. x 48 in. oil on canvas, 2014

Bottom; Left to Right:Standing Figure, Walking Figures, Walking Figure, Standing Figures 12 in. x 14 in. oil on canvas, 2014

These paintings represent my long term interest in studying gestural figures and how they move through their environments. This is a form of nonverbal communication that has led me to study proxemics, which includes seeing how much space people are comfortable leaving between themselves and others. The proximity between figures is as active and alive as the figures themselves. The landscapes that the figures are in will affect their proximity to each other as well.

Water Meets Land I and Water Meets Land II and the four smaller paintings below are about my experience walking on Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake in Utah with four other travelers. It was a powerful experience that was felt by all and I was inspired to capture the ethereal quality of the event. This led me to layer oil washes of color over the jetty, similar to how it would appear when the water would cover the jetty at different times of day and seasons. The vast environment had a strong impact on the figures as they walked the jetty.

Ultimately, I aim to achieve harmony in the work, which is a reflection of what I strive for in life. The images which result straddle both the real and the abstract: a direct correlation to duality in life.